Are You Feeding Your Child Properly as an Athlete?

  • I remember growing up as an athlete and struggling to find solid nutrition advice. I was never the fastest, strongest or most skilled, but my work rate and determination to out train and out learn my competition was my ace in the hole. I knew at a young age the importance of food and how it could help give me the competitive edge. The difficulty was I couldn’t find real solutions. The answers people gave me were centered on weight gainers, energy boosters or “miracle supplements.”Do you want your kids to feel and play their best?
  • Do you know how to feed your kids balanced nutrition?
  • Is it difficult to help your kids eat healthy on a busy schedule?
  • Do you have trouble getting your kids to eat healthy alternatives to junk food?
  • Do you have a family history of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or chronic fatigue?
  • Do you want to give your kids the nutritional foundation that will help stay healthy for the rest of their lives?

That never made sense to me. Why wasn’t anyone talking about Food??

Food is your body’s fuel and once understood, that knowledge optimizes your performance and provides an instant edge over your competition. Science proves this and also that eating right balances your body to maximize fat burning, muscle building, recovery, mental alertness, energy, plus so much more.

Child athletes are still growing and need to fuel their bodies in very specific ways, especially if they play competitive sports. That is why I’ve been going on shows all over TV teaching parents how to feed their kid athletes the right way.

I am super excited to share with you our robust kid athlete nutrition program:

This Coaching Series will Maximize Your Athlete’s Potential



Win On The Field     


  • Even after your athlete receives TOP LEVEL TRAINING and attains RECORD-SETTING ENDURANCEthe key to success on the field and during tournaments is understanding how to KEEP YOUR BODY FUELED so it can continue PERFORMING AT ITS PEAK throughout.

Win Off The Field 


  • Most kids dream of playing professionally, but there is LIFE AFTER SPORTS and when you’re not training hours a day to burn off thousands of calories, a lack of a food education is a recipe for big WEIGHT AND BODY FAT gains. Knowing your food, especially as a kid athlete, will PREVENT ANY HEALTH BACKSLIDE regardless of your activity level.

Here’s What You Get

Your Athlete’s Easy to Follow Nutrition Tools to Win with their Food





  • Customized Meal Plans for on & offseason, plus full pre, post and during competition/training meals
  • 9 Coaching Videos by Mark Macdonald, leading your athlete every step of the way
    1. Welcome! It’s Time to Warm Up
    2. Exposing the Athlete Nutrition Myths
    3. Setting Your Food Performance Goals
    4. PFC Every 3 (your nutritional foundation)
    5. Your Athlete Meal Plan
    6. Your Pre, Post and During Competition Eating Game Plan
    7. Creating Your Athlete MRFK (Mobile Readiness Food Kit)
    8. Filling Your Nutrition Gaps – The importance of Protein Shakes, Protein Bars, Grab-n-Go Foods & Supplements
    9. Keep Raising Your Game
  • How to Feed Your Kid Athlete Meal Plan – E-BookAn info-packed E-book full of pictures, illustrations and is written a kid and teenager friendly way, no science class here! Here are a just a few things you’ll learn and get in the e-book:
    • Your 3 Nutrition Guidelines and how to Eat PFC Every 3
    • A Complete Athlete Meal Plan, Exchange System and Portions
    • Exactly how to Fuel Pre, Post and During Competition so you can be your best
    • The best Grab-n-Go Foods, Shakes, Bars and a complete 411 on supplementation so you’ll never be misled from false supplement hype
  • A food education for a lifetime, in sports and after sports
  • Full access to online support team

Do you have a High-Performance Kid Athlete?

Watch the video above to find out who the Advanced Coaching Series is designed for.

If your Kid Athlete is a championship player, was a near miss at the Olympics this year, or you’d like them to be, or if you simply want to give them extra attention, we’ve got exactly what you need with our:

It’s proven that sports help children:

  1. Improve focus and good habits
  2. Increase health and longevity
  3. Increase quality of life
  4. Improve social skills
  5. Improve job prospects
  6. Build some of your child’s best memories!

Our advanced series includes the Digital Coaching Course plus four weeks with your own personal nutrition coach helping your athlete every step of the way.


What You Get with the Advanced Series



  • Unlimited access to NEW “How to Feed Your Kid Athlete” Digital Coaching Series (comes with everything listed above)
  • 60 Minute Assessment
  • 60 Minute Customized Program Presentation
  • Two 45 Minute Coaching Follow Ups, Weeks 2 + 4
  • 90 days access to the Venice Nutrition Customized Meal Building Software
  • Hundreds of grab n go recipes
  • Unlimited 4-week support